The Green Ladle restaurant opened for the first time on the corner of Alfred Plourde and Goddard. The original location could seat 60 people and was suited for the home-ec based cirriculum.


Chef Dan Caron started as the head chef, implementing major improvements to the program. Students started to experience real world scenarios through catering and restaurant days, and lesson plans were expanded to include all culinary teachings. The program reached record high enrollment of 16 seniors and 20 juniors in the first year with Chef Caron, and 30 seniors and 30 juniors the second year. This was the first time the Green Ladle started to cater to KC Halls, Elks Lodge, VFW Halls, and other local businesses and organizations.


In 2008 the culinary program received a new building in the Lewiston High School lot. Donations and work from the LRTC electrical and carpentry students helped things come along. The students now have some of the best equipment to work with as well as an excellent facility.